Why Purchasing a Pizza Model is Better Than Buying a Traditional Pizza Franchise: 

  1. You have full control. The most frustrating part of owning a franchise is having to adhere to the strict and confining rules that the franchisor has in place. At Sabatino Consulting we do not retain any control whatsoever, it is 100% YOUR restaurant. You get to pick the name of your Restaurant, menu design, how you greet guests, and so much more. 

  2. Much less expensive. Our fees are less than half of what you will pay to get a franchise initially and will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars long term. Also, if you choose to buy a restaurant concept from us, then you will not have to obey franchisor rules for marketing and design. You can then decide what you would like to pay, therefore saving you money. (See the chart at the bottom to see what you would have to pay for a traditional Pizza Franchise) At Sabatino Consulting, we have many strategies for making the signage, menus and interior design of the Restaurant look upscale without necessarily having to spend a fortune. 

  3. Sabatino. You will get me, Sabatino, personally grooming you to be a great Restaurant owner as well as training you how to make Pizza, Apps and Desserts – it does not get any better than that!

  4. You choose how you would like to pay. We will work with you on a payment method that best suits your financial abilities. Of course, this will be worked out in the contract that we write up for our partnership. 

  5. You will have better Pizza than ANY Pizza chain. Of course, there is only one downside to choosing to go with a Restaurant model from Sabatino Consulting; no one will know who you are at first. Naturally, if you buy a Papa John’s Franchise then everyone will know what kind of Pizza they are getting, what the packaging/ logo looks like, and that it will be cheap. However, even though your city will not know who you are at first, they soon will, because you WILL have the best, most unique Pizza in all the land. Word will spread fast. Sabatino Consulting has MANY marketing strategies that will not cost you a lot of money to implement but will be guaranteed to bring you rapid results. We will initiate these marketing techniques well before you open to build buzz so that people in your City will be excited for you to finally open. 

  6. No ceiling. If you buy a franchise then that is what you get, one franchise. You essentially bought yourself a job because you work for your franchisor. Let’s say you bought a Papa John’s franchise, what happens if you want another one? Well, then you will have to buy another one. If you were to purchase a Restaurant concept from Sabatino Consulting, then you can open as many Restaurants as you choose without having to pay us anything! Remember, after our initial agreed upon fees, then you do not have to pay us a penny (unless you choose one very low royalty payments) 

  7. Part of the Family. Traditional Franchise sellers will try to sell you that you are part of the “Family” when it you buy a franchise from them, but let’s face it, you will deal with a corporation and we all know how much they care about the little guy. With Sabatino Consulting, you get to be part of a real Family of passionate Pizza makers that care about your Restaurant after you open. We are not just trying to get you to buy a concept, we truly want you to succeed! However, the best part of the deal will be that you get Sabatino for the life of your business. If you have a question, just call or email him and he will give you a call or email back guaranteed. 

Business Models

Model 1

If you have a location that has high-level foot traffic, perhaps on a busy city street or College Campus, I would recommend this Model. The target customer base for Model 1 is low to medium income levels. The main aspect of the business is serving Pizza by the Slice quickly, so this Model has the best margins of any of the Models, yet it limits you in terms of scope. Depending on your demographic, you can usually sell Pizza Slices for a decent price if they are good enough and if they are big enough.

For example, in the heart of Downtown Charleston South Carolina, I have been selling Slices for almost nine years on the College of Charleston campus. Right now, my price for just a Cheese Slice, is $3.50. I get eight Slices out of each Pizza that I make to sell Slices, so that yields twenty-eight bucks per Slice Pie. It costs me $2.75 to make a Cheese Slice Pie. So, you can see the incredible margins in this Model. However, you must have the right location for this to be successful. You would also want to take advantage of delivery services in the area that can deliver food. You will want to have a Beer license and consider late night hours, especially if there are colleges/ bars in the area. 

When selling Pizza by the Slice you would only need a Kiosk size space to operate out of – for a perfect example look at Sabatino’s Pizza in Charleston SC .

However, if you wish to serve other food items such as Pastas, then you would need a bigger space. Your dining area can be limited to 15 to 25 seats since most people would get Pizza Slices on the go. Think of it as a quick, almost fast-food paced atmosphere where you encounter a lot of hustle and bustle as it is dependent on volume sales. 

The Menu : The Menu for Model 1 is the most simplistic of all the Models, so it is good for beginners. A lot of it will depend on how much space you have and what you would like to include on the menu. Menu items consist of basic Pizzas and Appetizers, but we will show you how to do everything to be the most delicious in town. You will want to make Pizzas that are Authentic to NYC like Authentic thin Cheese Slices, White and Sicilian Pizza, yet also Pizzas that are popular with young people such as Chicken Bacon Ranch that have a dazzling look to them to attract the eye. The Appetizers would be limited; however you can pick and choose from most of the Appetizers that we have to offer at Sabatino Consulting including all Exclusive Apps.

Model 2

 Model 2 is of a unique concept in the Pizza industry that was developed by Sabatino himself. It combines Authentic NYC Slice options with high end whole Pizzas - under the same roof. Why not profit from high margin Slice sales while at the same time accommodating your guests with high-end Pizza served to the table as well as Appetizers, Desserts, Wine, and Coffees?

Most likely, you will be the first in your State to have a Restaurant of this caliber. Conceptually, it would be perfect for a location that gets a medium to high amount of foot traffic and is in an area that has a medium to high income level of potential clientele, since you will be serving high end Pizza, Desserts, and Coffees. When a customer walks in they are greeted with Authentic Slices to choose from, similar to Model 1, except there is also the option to be seated in a classy dining area and be waited on by a server (whereas Model one the dining area would be more casual) Customers will have the option of dining on Slices of Pizza OR whole Pizzas. Whole Pizzas in Model 2 will be of the high-end variety, using Higher End Ingredients.

You will want to have a Beer and Wine license or perhaps even a full bar/ Liquor license. High end Desserts will also be sold here, of which Sabatino Consulting will show you the best recipes for this, including a few exclusive Desserts created by Sabatino himself, which NO OTHER Pizza Place on the planet will have guaranteed, including what we are sure of is the best Dessert Pizza known to man. 

This Model should put an emphasis on customer service, as you will be required to employ servers, maybe even hostesses to make your guests feel at home. It also allows a more intimate, romantic setting in which, as the owner, you can introduce yourself and start to learn the names of your guests (trust us they love when you know their names, it will instill loyalty to your brand) 

Model 2 may have a more expensive initial set up cost than Model 1. This is because there will probably be renovation costs associated with a new dining area, more fees for initial training of employees, and more equipment. 

The Menu : The menu for Model 2 will be divided between ordering for Slices and ordering for Whole Pizzas. We developed a one-of-a-kind Appetizer section for this Module that is sure to have your whole community buzzing with excitement. Of course, you will get access to all Sabatino Consulting Exclusive Pizza recipes in which no one else in your State will have a clue how to make. Desserts will be unique and a mix of Italian and American Classics as well as Exclusive recipes that Sabatino created that no one else in your State will have. You will want to have different Coffee options, as well as Beer and Wine varieties.

Model 3

This Model is for an elegant, high-end Pizza Restaurant…a gourmet Pizza experience. There will not be Slices sold here, thus making it a one-dimensional Pizzeria. However, that one-dimension is spectacular. The Appetizers, Pizzas and Desserts that you serve here will be second to none, dynamic and refined. Nowhere else in the State will they be able to get the delicious meals that you will be able to serve here, so you will be able to charge a premium price.

This Model will need to be in an area that would accommodate such an endeavor, both with the right physical location as well as the right clientele. It would need to exist in an area that has middle to high income residents or exist in an area in which many folks like that frequent, such as the downtown area of a decent sized City. You will want to have a good size venue for this Model, since you are exclusively relying on customers dining in and want to be able to seat as many guests as possible. You will not be delivering food. 

For Model 3 you must expect to spend more money initially to set it up since the dining area will have to be pristine. The customer service would need to be very upscale, you would want to hire servers that have fine dining experience. You will want to have a full bar. 

The Menu : This menu will consist of high-end Appetizers as well as classic Appetizers that are made with a slight pretentious twist. For example, Sabatino Consulting has a Garlic Knot recipe that look so amazing that you can charge 8 or 9 dollars for (they pretty much cost nothing to make) Each Pizzas that is served will be not only absolutely delicious to the palate, but also visually stunning. Desserts and Coffees need to be high end, visually desirable.

Model 4

The forth Model is a one-of-a-kind Restaurant experience where we incorporate Authentic NYC Pizza and Authentic NYC Bagels made the old school way – Under the same roof. The best location for this Model would be a high-volume area where there is a lot of visibility as well as walking traffic, but this concept would also work if it is close enough to a populated area.

This Model would allow your Restaurant to be open for all three phases of business (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) as opposed to a traditional Pizzeria would just be open for the second two phases (Lunch and Dinner) To our knowledge this has not been attempted too often and sure enough has not been done with much effectiveness outside of the NYC / Tri-State region. This would be a fast-paced, volume-based Model, like Model 1. 

This Model would be on the less expensive side to initially set up since the dining area would be on the more casual end and you do not need specialized equipment. Also, it would most likely be counter-service, no need for servers. 

The Menu : The Menu for Model 4 would consist of different Bagel flavors as well as Pizza by the Slice. You can have any appetizers off the Sabatino’s list since it would be most advantageous to display the Bagels, Pizza Appetizers, Pretzels and Pizza by the Slice options. This would be the perfect Module for the Pizza Burger, but you could incorporate it into any Module. You will want to a variety of Coffees since you are selling Bagels.

Another reason why we are better than a franchise

This is an actual list of mandatory expenses from the website of one of the leading Pizza franchisors. If you purchase a Model from Sabatino Consulting then many of these costs are non-existent or, at the very least, a lot less expensive.

Typical Initial Franchise Fee - $25,000

Real Property


Equipment, Fixtures


Point of Sale Computers


Leasehold Improvements




Opening Inventory


Small Supplies


Delivery Vehicles


Deposits, Pre-Paid Expenses


Business Licenses




Training Expenses


Miscellaneous Expenses


Additional Funds (3 months)


Architectural and Engineering


Web-Based Training


Delivery Area, Streets Database for POS, and Shape Files for POS and OLO Platform Maps


Brand Launch Program


Store Technology Infrastructure System


Estimated Total