Have You Been Thinking About Opening a Pizza Place?

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You do not need to have any experience in the restaurant industry because we will train you from A to Z! There are 3 major ways in which we, at Sabatino Consulting, are better than the rest.


1) Experience - I, Sabatino Covollo, worked at Louis and Ernie’s Pizza in the Bronx, NY for over seven years. This legendary Pizzeria is one of New York’s more iconic Pizza places and is revered by the most devout Pizza critics. I learned how to make pizza the right way, under the stern direction of Authentic NYC Pizza Chefs John and Cosimo Tiso, who remain the current owners. John and Cosimo Tiso got all of their recipes from the original owners of Louis and Ernie Ottuso, who were the original pioneers of providing New Yorkers with the option of having Pizza by the Slice as opposed to having to buy a whole Pizza Pie. Click here to view a NY Times Article titled “The State of The Slice”.

I learned from the originators of the "Pizza by the Slice" concept in America! I truly learned from the best of the best. In 2010 I opened “Sabatino’s Pizza” in Charleston SC turning an out of business Pizza place called “Bella Pizza” into "Sabatino's - Authentic NYC Pizza" - now generally regarded as Charleston’s best NYC Pizza place.

So I have learned from the best, I own and operate a successful Pizzeria and have helped others do the same.

I love helping new pizza shop owners successfully accomplish their dreams of operating an authentic Pizzeria. My team and I have helped open up Pizza Shops in the USA, Europe and Asia. There is NO other consultant that is more qualified to help you to get authentic NYC Pizza in your establishment.


2) Recipe Diversity - At Sabatino Consulting, we will create an amazing menu tailored to appeal to your demographical customer base. We will provide all kinds of unique and inspirational Pizzas, Appetizers and Desserts so that there is no restaurant in your city that can compare. Other consultants may have good recipes too, but with us, you will get access to all of our unique recipes.

3) Expect Great Service & Care - Hands on Service - There are many questions and problems that will arise from the process of creating a restaurant, but we at Sabatino Consulting are here to guide you through all of it. We do not not take on two consulting jobs at one time, so you will always have our full attention. We will not be satisfied until you are. You will not receive more care and personal attention from anyone else. We promise to either help you on site or over the phone however it is you need it.

"Hi, My name is Christian Soria and I am from the Philippines.

I sought the assistance of Sabatino to teach me in setting up our pizza business. I can say that you can trust him. His recipes are unique and very practical.

It is the real deal. We have big pizzas in the business that are comparable to his but what makes him stand among others is the simplicity of his procedures, ingredients availability, and most importantly, the cost of them all is very cheap!

I used to have the thought, "more expensive ingredients, better quality and taste". I have never met him in person, to be honest. However, that is how effective he is. He just managed to teach me well; not in person, but online! I highly recommend him."