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We could not possibly list all of our recipes and food concepts on this page. Please contact us for food concepts, single recipes, help with dough or even just to chat. We offer a Free 15 minute chat on the phone to all potential clients.


Pizza By The Slice: Serving whole Pizzas is nice, but if you can sell BY THE SLICE, then you will make significantly more money. I will show you how to do this professionally. Consider this: if you sell a Pizza that costs you four dollars to make for eighteen dollars then you are left with fourteen bucks. If you can sell eight individual slices for three dollars each then you have twenty four dollars. That is a six dollars difference that does not cost you any more money to make.

That dough: Pizza is all about Dough, Cheese and Sauce right? I can help you get it right. You will not believe how easy and inexpensive it is! I will help you have the best Dough anywhere around; people will compliment your Crust constantly and pass ten other Pizza places just to get to yours! I will make you a master at Dough making, dough weighing, portioning and tossing. When you acquire my Dough recipe, you are acquiring a Dough recipe that came to The United States on an immigration boat that left Florence, Italy in the 1940’s. This same recipe is used in NYC till this day. No one knows how old it is. This recipe alone is worth the money you will pay for the entire job. This recipe, as well as many other trade secrets that used to be heavily guarded, can be yours.

Pizza Sauce: When it comes to Sauce, my methods are so simple, delicious and inexpensive you will think it cannot be this easy. There are secrets about Pizza Sauce that few know; I will share those with you.

Cheese: People like a lot of Cheese on their Pizza so you have to load it up with Cheese to make it taste good right? Wrong. It is all about the Brand of Cheese in which you use and how it is applied to the Pizza. These secrets can be yours if I am hired as your consultant. I will save you tons of money by helping you curb your Cheese usage. Is your Ricotta a little bland? I can show you how to spruce it up and make it creamy, flavorful and superior to others in your city.

Calzones and Strombolis: One of the most popular items that we made in Louie & Ernie’s Pizza was the Fried Calzone. This may be the best tasting thing ever created by man. I will show you how to make it as well as mouthwatering Strombolis.


Specialty Pizzas: White Pizza and Sicilian Pizza are staples in any NYC Pizza Shop; I can show you how to make it like the pros. I will also help you develop pizzas that will suit your region. Along the way I have produced hundreds of specialty pizzas ranging from Taco Pizza to Peanut Butter and Jelly Calzones; there is almost nothing I have not done. I can even show you how to make Pizza Frita (Fried Pizza.)


Irresistible and highly profitable Appetizers: Having the best Pizza is one thing, but having Appetizers that dazzle your customers is a whole different ballgame. Made from scratch Appetizers recipes such as Jamaican Beef Patties and Steak and Quail Eggs, just to name a few, will be sure to impress your patrons and yield high margins. Other easy to make starters like Garlic Knots, Cheese Sticks, Bread Sticks, and Jalepeno Poppers can be sold in your Pizza restaurant for high profits.

Hot and Cold Subs: Making Meatball and Chicken Parm subs can be challenging. What Bread do I use? Where do I get the Meatballs? What about the Marinara Sauce? I can show you how to professionally construct Subs that will put fear into the hearts of all sub shops around you. We will teach you how to craft the perfect Bread for Subs using regular Pizza Dough! Why pay Bakeries 60 to 75 cents for a roll of Bread?

Toppings Recipes: I will show you how to make amazing Meatballs, Chicken for topping Pizza as well as Chicken Parm Subs, Sausage, Ground Beef, Spicy Ground Beef, Baked Green Peppers (so much better than raw), Minced Garlic, Focaccia Bread, Marinara Sauce and much more.